Manage Students

Teachers can fill all the personal details of their students and manage them. Class, sections, Roll number, Guardian's contact number etc can be added in the software.

Marks Management

Teachers can update marks of every students according to both marks and grades. They can also update total marks and passing marks along with marks obtained. 

Address the Attendance

AEDU makes it very easy to maintain daily attendance of all your students. This can also update the parents of constant absence of their children if it is uninformed.

Homework Documentation

AEDU allows you to upload and share homework documents from the software. This is very useful for both the parents and the students. It also saves time on both the parents’ and the school’s side.

Schedule Exams

Teachers can updates exam schedules with date and time in AEDU. This enables parents to have a direct exam schedule without any mistakes.

Upload Timetable

Teachers can upload timetables for each class and section they teach. Timetable can be added according to subjects and the teachers assigned.

Upload Documents

Teachers can upload documents like homework, assignments, syllabus etc. on the software. This gives the parents direct access to the content saving time and reducing errors.

Bus Routes

Teachers can upload the driver's details for each student according to the routes. They can also update the vehicle number along with other details to make the travel safer.

Internal Messaging

With AEDU teachers can contact the parents directly through the internal messaging feature. This makes it very easy to have a one-on-one discussion with the teacher from anywhere.