Receptionist Access

The ID and a password would be generated for the receptionist by entering the basic information of him/her. They would be liable for various front desk tasks and had to update the same on the system.

Admission enquiry

An employee/user can conveniently add the student’s admission information and manage the follow-up processes from the front desk. Further details like enquiry date, source of admission, and status of student can be known from the front office desk. 

Visitor’s book

This will help the user to manage the visitor’s entry log’s. They can update the details of a person who is visiting the school and for what purpose. They can also register the in and out time of the visitor.

Phone call log 

Several calls come on the front desk for different purposes like admission enquiry, some details, or different purposes. Now users can keep a record of all incoming and outgoing calls from reception and manage them easily.

Postal dispatch 

All the parcels dispatched outside from school can now have a proper record with this feature. The user can enter all the details like name, reference no., address, note, and date of dispatch. And the dispatch details can be found whenever required.

Postal receive 

With the detailed information of name, reference no., address, note, and date of parcel received. All the information related to the postal received can be updated and managed by the user. They can also have a look at the past postal receipts.


All the complaints coming on the front desk or from the online front side page can now be registered here. And the user can keep the whole record of the complaints and manage them accordingly.