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Why Is AEDU The Best School Management System?

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Why Are We Free ?

AEDU school management software is tailored precisely for digitizing the management of an educational institute. It is user friendly and makes management easier. Aedu serves with various panels and features supporting different functions necessary for your management and that too at no cost. Yes, you read it right Aedu provides this at all for FREE.

No, AEDU demands no cost after implementation, but if there is any customization needed then Aedu can serve you with those customization with nominal charges.

Yes, AEDU school management software is built on the cloud, so in any of the uncertainties your system is destroyed, still, Aedu manages to keep your data secure. You can easily access your data with ID and password whenever you desire.

AEDU serves you with Aedu app for parents, Aedu app for teachers and Aedu app for Driver, and demands no cost on installation for any of the apps.

Yes, teachers can take attendance from Aedu mobile app and also from the Aedu teacher’s module.

Yes, the Aedu parent app helps parents monitor their child’s location and ensure their child’s safety. Aedu parent app can also help parents track the Driver’s location so that they can plan their pick-up and drop accordingly.

No Aedu demands no fees for fixing the problems after implementation. Our team will always be there to help you with digitalizing your school management.