Customization is very easy with AEDU. You can add your personal details along with the logo of your school. Make it your own after making it a part of your management.

AEDU is a versatile software and supports 21 different languages. Feel at home by using it in your own language. You can customize the software as per your requirement of language and use it accordingly.

Is it difficult to make and maintain class schedules? Does the editing takes a lot of time and energy? AEDU allows you to make and edit class routine schedules at a go. Editing them is simpler than ever. You can manage several classes and teachers assigned at one single place without missing or confusing any data. Welcome to a hassle-free school management atmosphere

Are parents constantly visiting your school just to know what was the homework because their child missed school? Or maybe slept away to glory in a boring class? AEDU allows you to upload and share homework documents from the software. This is very useful for both the parents and the students. It also saves time on both the parents’ and the school’s side.

Charts and graphs are often a very easy way to understand a comparison. AEDU allows you to see your income and expenditure in the form of charts and graphs for you to have a better understanding of the profit and loss of your school. This will help you analyse your accounts much better than the numbers will.

Managing your students’ marks becomes very easy with AEDU. Teachers can update marks of every students according to both marks and grades. They can also update total marks and passing marks along with marks obtained. This feature makes it easier for the teachers to pinpoint students excelling or failing the examinations.

If your school maintains a transport system you can manage the same through AEDU. It becomes simple when you can assign and maintain different drivers to respective vehicles. This software also has a GPS tracking system which allows the parents to keep a track on their child while travelling.

Managing your school’s hostel was never a cakewalk. There are trillions of things to be maintained and addressed each day. This can turn the hostel in a mess if not managed efficiently. AEDU brings to you the order you need. You can manage various features of your hostel like total number of rooms, rooms assigned to students, caretakers assigned etc. All of this can be assigned right under one roof without any confusion being created.

Missing books, Manual Entries of issue-return of books, Vague idea of the total number of books, are these some common problems you are facing at your school? If yes, AEDU is your saviour. With our software you can manage your library like never before. It allows you to enter a complete book list of the entire library. You can also maintain the issue-return process of the books separately for both students and teachers. This will make it very easy to notice missing books and reduce the loss of the same.

This feature provides internal messaging system which allows the admin to send private message to the teacher, student and parent respectively. This makes it very convenient for the school admin to be in touch with the various members of the institution. Parents can now have messages and alerts from the school in regular intervals. This keeps them in the loop constantly and discards their feeling of being alienated from the school system.

Attendance is the most tiresome job to maintain in a school. AEDU makes it very easy to maintain daily attendance of all your students. This can also update the parents of constant absence of their children if it is uninformed.

Here at AEDU you can make and maintain class sections. You can upload the sections for each standard and assign students to the same according to your basis of classification. This makes bifurcating students easy. You can also assign teachers to different sections with the same.

fraid of losing your data because of any meagre technical error? We have got it covered. With AEDU you can easily backup your entire database. Restoring the same isn’t so difficult as well. Managing your school was never so easy right?

You can print all the records in the software. A parent wants a hard copy of the fee receipt? Or you have to print all the marksheets? Not a problem any more. The print feature in AEDU takes care of all your requirements.

Our software has a SMS Gateway integration which makes it possible for the school to notify parents about the grades of the students. It also helps notify them about the events taking place in the school and invite them for the same when necessary.

Apart from online payments AEDU also supports manual payments in the form of cash, cheque and DD. You can enter the numbers easily and update the fulfillment of the payment.

AEDU provides regular and free updates for the software to add and edit various features making it more and more efficient. These updates will give you access to the newly introduced features for free. These updates also bring in more efficiency to the software making it faster and effective. No additional charges are included for these updates.

With AEDU it becomes very easy to export all your data in PDF. This allows you to share the reports as when required with the necessary authorities like teachers, parents and students.

You will have a dedicated team of developers in your support available to you anytime. For any difficulties you can contact them and understand your way out of the issue. Communication will never be an issue with AEDU.