Experience a Productivity Hike

With AEDU say goodbye to million registers while saving time and energy. AEDU manages everything digitally making it very easy for both the management and the teachers. This give them an opportunity to focus more on their teaching methods and improve them.

Easy Communication

Communication is made easy with AEDU. it enables you to connect with teachers and parents through internal messaging. This makes it simple to circulate announcements and share details. Faster communication leads to quick action increasing productivity.

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyone.

The best part about having a digitized management system is it can be accessed from anywhere. For students, it is a boon as they can get access to their time table, homework, assignments and other study materials. Teachers can upload data from anywhere.

Blessing to Parents

With the parent panel login they also have access to their child’s attendance, assignments and subject teachers. This makes it easier to get information when their kid is on leave or misses some work because they were sleeping away to glory!

Paperless Management

By using this software you can save paper on a very high level. All the management activities consume paper. Installing this software will not only take care of your management properly but also save paper on a large scale. Make this contribution in saving our planet from your side.

Increase in Enrollment

With several activities in hand, the organization is usually under the pressure of meeting their deadlines. AEDU takes off that pressure from your employees. This relief will result in your management focusing more on increasing the enrollment of students.

Cost of Communication

It costs a lot to communicate with the parents of such great number of students. It can be through post, calls or SMSes. This cost reduction relieves your tight budget and adds to your resources. This can be relocated to a different use bringing in efficiency.

Less Workload More Innovation

AEDU reduces the excessive workload from your employees. Tracking records and keeping teachers updated about several circulars can be done through this software. This reduction in workload will result in teachers and students getting involved in innovation.

A Boon for Small Schools

Small schools benefit the most from this software as they can relocate the budget going into managing clerks for such small jobs. They can have all the data at one place managed by assigned personals themselves. This saves time, money, and energy of the school.