School Accounting Software

Collect Fees

With the accountant login, your accountant can update all the collected fees in the software. This digitizes the accounting making it faster and more accurate.

Fees Master

Fees master allows you to make groups based on different types of fees to be collected from students. These master groups can be assigned directly to the fees groups making the collection easy.

Fees Group

With AEDU you can create different fee groups based on different categories. These can be classes or other groups like sports or Olympiads. These fee groups help you update the collected fees systematically.

Fees Types

You can divide your fees into various types. With the help of these fees types you can make fee groups accordingly. Example, based on the sports fee type you can make a fee group of all the sports students.

Fees Discount

You can add different types of fee discounts provided by your school and apply them directly to the eligible students. This feature will notify you when a student is eligible for discount while collecting fees.


Aedu enables you to search any payment through a unique payment ID. With the help of this feature you can also search any fees due of particular student.

Fees Statement

You can also generate a fee balance with AEDU. This shows you if the fees is paid and also generates the statement in three different formats. You can also print a receipt for the same.

Balance Fee Report

You can also see a complete balance sheet of a particular standard. This gives you a report of all the students who have pending fees and how much balance payment you have to collect.

Monitor Income

You can manage you complete income at one place. You can add the types of income you have coming in your school and update accordingly. This helps you keep all the data in one place and monitor easily.

Monitor Expense

Expenses are easier to manage with AEDU. You can add the types of expense your school bears and update them accordingly. This makes it  easy to keep a record of all the expenses and income made by the school.

Analyse Reports

AEDU generates several reports like the balance fees report, Fee statement, transaction report. These are available in three different formats like PDF, CSV, and Excel.

Monitor Profit

With all the expenses and income in one place, AEDU enables you to analyse your profits at one place. This can be done in numbers or in the form of graphs. Graphs make it easy to understand and compare profits.